Prokabaddi 2019: Puneri Paltans Playing 7 Prediction

Prokabaddi 2019: Puneri Paltans Playing 7 Prediction

PKL 2019 can be totally different for Puneri Paltans with approach they shown in in Pro Kabaddi Auctions already cleared that they will for sure have an aggressive approach. They Gone very Heavily from there pocket at two big raiders Manjit & Nitin Tomar. We Will deeply Analyze the Puneri Paltans Playing 7 in this Post which will help you all to win maximum in Fantasy Games.

Puneri Paltans Squad:

Hadi Tajik, Girish Maruti Ernak, PO Surjeet Singh, Satpal, Deepak Yadav, Jadhav Balasaheb Shahaji, Shubham Shinde, Nitin Tomar, Darshan Kadian, Manjeet , Pawan Kumar Kadian, Amit Kumar, Emad Sedaghat Nia, Sagar B. Krishna, Amit Kumar, Sandeep


Puneri Paltans Playing 7 Predicted By Experts

Girish Maruti Ernak

Sagar B Krishna

PO Surjeet Singh

Darshan Kadian

Nitin Tomar


Pawan Kumar Kadian

Patna Pirates Squad Look highly Balanced with Addition of Manjit as second raider & with Highly rated defence attack of Sagar B Krishna, Girish Ernak & Surjeet Singh. Only Week point for them can be second cover defender Darshan Kadian Who Have not been able to show that much consistency in the past few season. We Have Shown Deep Analysis of All Players in Playing 7 with Impact they can have in PKL 2019

Raiding Strength in Puneri Paltans Playing 7

Nitin Tomar Puneri Paltans have paid the hefty price of 1.20 crores for Nitin Tomar. he will be Key for Puneri Paltans in PKL 2019

Manjeet: PKL 2018 Was Emerging year for Manjeet where he caught lot of eyeballs by impressing everyone with his performances. This Year he is with Puneri Paltans & will assist Nitin Tomar in raiding department.

Pawan Kumar Kadian: Pawan Kumar Kadian Have Shown some glimpses of his talent & Damage he can done to any team in past seasons of Pro Kabaddi. Though He Have never been able to show consistency But this season under the leadership of Nitin Tomar can be the career changing year for him.

Defence Attack in Puneri Paltans Playing 7:

Girish Maruti ernak: Teams left corner position will be taken by Girish Maruti ernak who have been a Nightmare for raiders with his strong ankle hold in past PKL Seasons.

Sagar B Krishna: Another Ankle hold specialist Sagar krishna who also generally likes to play at Left Corner but will be Right corner of the team looking at team balance. He Have been very impressive in past seasons of Pro Kabaddi & Team will be expecting similar performances from him.

Surjeet Singh: Surjeet Singh will be the left cover defender of Puneri Paltan. He is among high rated cover defenders in the world & will be the backbone of patna pirates defence.

Darshan Kadian: Right Cover position will be taken by darshan kadian & might be only weak point of puneri paltans defence. But Darshan Kadian Have specialty in defence techniques like double thigh hold which have been a tactic against raiders like pradeep narwal. So on His day there Right cover which is currently looking weak point can also become there match turning point.

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