Kabaddi Betting Legal Or Illegal in India – All Myths Busted

Kabaddi Betting Legal Or Illegal in India – All Myths Busted

When We Talk About Cricket Betting tis Still One of the Lesser Talked Topic that Need More Clarity Among People. In This Article We Will Discuss in detail What are Indian Betting Laws & Also Current Scenario of cricket betting in India. Its Interesting To Note that Basically Cricket or Kabaddi Betting is Not Legal India But Indian Betting Laws have a Big Grey Area Which in a Way is Allowing Users To bet Online. 

Offline Betting Laws in India:

According to the the Public Gambling Act of 1867 per se is an offence since it does not involve skill & Sports Betting Which Include Cricket & Kabaddi Betting is Can’t be Played Offline as Its Illegal. One Must Consider that this Law Was Made By British Governament in India but they Made it Legal in there own country. After that There Have Been Any Amendments in these laws. However State Have Power to frm there own betting laws.

Is It Legal to Bet Online in India ?

Its Obvious That Online Betting Law Should not be very similar to Offline betting Laws But there is a Big Grey Area in it which is Bringing too Much Uncertainty it. Online Cricket & kabaddi Betting realted activities basically cant be done in india But there is No Specific Law Dealing with Indian People playing at foriegn Websites. So Indian Players Can Play in Foreign Websites & there is No Law Which Declares it illegal & Public Gambing act o 1867 does ot Applicable to Foriegn Bookies. This is Also the reason Why All Foriegn Betting Companies Tries to Capture Big Market in India. Kabaddi betting – Indiaplay can be a source get information about these websites.

Pro Kabaddi League Have got very good response from people in last few years & Now its on the verge to make a Big Industry. Already Fantasy Cricket Websites Targeted this League & Users also Played with high enthusiasm. So When we consider about fantasy gaming its believed that its a game of Skill so pblic gambling act is Not Valid to it.

Can We Expect in Changes in Laws for Kabaddi Betting in future:

This Topic was Under Talk few years ago & Related Comettie Also Proposed to Completely legalize the betting as it will ultimately bring more tax to govt. but only issue raised was that it affect the spirit of game as fixing activites can increase. Still we can Hope for the changes in future. You Can Follow us On Twitter for All related updates & Visit us for Pro Kabaddi News.



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