Bengal Warriors Vs Gujarat Giants [BEN vs GUJ] Pro Kabaddi 2021-22 Dream1 Fantasy Preview

Bengal Warriors Vs Gujarat Giants [BEN vs GUJ] Pro Kabaddi 2021-22 Dream1 Fantasy Preview

Ninth Match of Pro Kabaddi League 2021 will be Bengal Warriors Vs Gujrat Fortune gaints. Gujrat foretunegaints are not doubt the best defense unit in this season while Bengaluru are more of a raiding side so this match will be very interesting. Dream11 Fantasy Cricket Leagues Will be Under Radar for all Fantasy Users So in this article we will provide BEN Vs GUJ Dream11 analysis with Fantasy Kabaddi Preview.

BEN Vs GUJ Starting 7

Bengal Warriors Starting 7:

  1. Maninder Singh [Main Raider]
  2. Sukesh Hegde [Second Raider]
  3. Esmaeil Nabibakhsh [3rd Raider]
  4. Rinku Narwal: [Left Corner Defender]
  5. Parveen [Left Cover defender]
  6. Abozar Meghani [Right Corner Defender]
  7. Darshan J [Right Cover Defender]

Gujarat foretune Gaints Starting 7:

  1. Girish Ernak: [Left Corner Defender]
  2. Parvesh Bainswal [Left Cover defender]
  3. Ravinder Pahal [Right Corner Defender]
  4. Sunil Kumar [Right Cover Defender]
  5. Rakesh Sangroya [Main Raider]
  6. Rakesh Narwal [2nd Raider]
  7. Padeep Kumar 1 [3rd raider]

Battles To Watch:

  1. Rakesh Narwal vs Parveen
  2. Rakesh Sangroya vs Rinku
  3. Maninder vs Sunil Kumar
  4. Sukesh Hegde vs Ravinder Pahal
  5. Nabibaksh vs Ravinder Pahal
  6. Sukesh Hegde vs Girish Kumar
  7. Nabibaksh vs Girish Kumar ernak

BEN Vs GUJ Dream11 Mega League Tips:

  • Ravinder Pahal Can be very effective in this Match for Gujrat Foretunegaints.
  • Rinku will be most important defender for Bengal Warriors in this Match.
  • Sunil Was Doing advance tackles in last match though he can get points in this match but Rakesh Sangroya can also get raid points.
  • Nabibaksh Will be a good choice for captain in this Match.

Who Will Win Bengal Warriors Vs Gujrat Foretune Gaints PKL 8:

Both the teams Have very Look very strong on cards. This Will be a match between a Strong defense & Strong raiding team, So this Will be 51-49 type of match & as per our prediction Gujrat Fortune gaints will win this match. More updates will be given in telegram .

BEN Vs GUJ Dream11 Grand League Team – PKL Season 8:

  • Rakesh Sangroya
  • Maninder Singh
  • Sunil Kumar
  • Esmaeil Nabibakhsh [Cap]
  • Parveen
  • Ravinder Pahal
  • Girish Kumar ernak

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